O2 Trainer Breathing Exercise

Follow along with Bas to see exactly how to do breathing exercises with your O2 trainer.

How often? Once a day

  • How many times? 30 reps
  • How long will it take? Less than 4 minutes


The different numbered caps


Find a numbered cap with which your 30 repetitions will take you between 3 and 4 minutes to complete (for most people it’s cap number #10 or #11). Once you have found that cap, start doing your 30 repetitions every day.


Time your reps once a week


Once a week, use a stop watch to time your 30 reps. You will see that over time, that 30 reps will take you less and less time, which means you are getting stronger with “pulling the air in.”


Every time you go below 3-minutes, go to the next higher numbered cap. Once you are getting really strong you might find out that you can do the hardest resistance cap (#14) under three minutes.


If this happens to you (congratulations, you’re getting strong!), start adding some reps to keep working for 3 minutes.


Straight from Bas Rutten


Personally, at this moment, I can do 30 reps with cap #14 in 2:32m, so I add 4 or 5 reps to make the workout just over three minutes. Timing yourself is a great way to see your improvement!


This next part is 100% true. 18 months ago, I started with cap #11, it took me 3:45m to complete, last week (December 2019), for fun, I checked how long 30 reps would take me now with that same cap #11 and I did it in 1:05m, so my inspiratory muscles became three times stronger!?


Join Bas Rutten’s O2 Boot Camp


Please join Bas Rutten’s private Facebook group named Bas Rutten’s O2 Boot Camp – simply send a request to join and Bas will let you in. Once you join, you will see Bas posting every day (since last year May 2018) time lapses of him doing his 30 reps in hopes this will inspire you to do the same!


You will also read the results of other users and find out that it is not only Bas whose inspiratory muscles are getting really strong.


Don’t break the habit


If you miss a day here and there, that is no problem at all. Just go back to it, don’t break the habit!


If you are an athlete or training to compete


If you are an athlete and you are 6 weeks (or more) out to an event in where you have to compete, start doing the breathing exercise twice a day for 6 weeks, after 6 weeks you can maintain this with once a day.


Doing this will take care of the lactic acid build-up in your core and that will do wonders for your stamina since all the muscles responsible for breathing will be completely relaxed and you will be able to breathe with no resistance at all.


When your muscles are tight or filled with lactic acid, you can’t expand your chest/diaphragm/core completely, and since they are responsible for filling up your lungs with air, you can pull in less air than when they are relaxed.


Godspeed and breathe on!

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