O2 Trainer

Make Every Breath Count

  • Regulates air intake and improves muscle oxygen efficiency during exercise
  • Strengthens your lungs and breathing muscles in your upper abs
  • Amazing results with 30 reps (four minutes) a day
  • Designed to fit in an easy to pack portable kit

Official Respiratory Training from Bas Rutten

Designed by Bas himself to increase inspiratory (inhalation) muscle endurance, the O2 Trainer is a lightweight device that regulates air intake and improves muscle oxygen efficiency during exercise.


Improve Breathing Power

The O2 trainer restricts air intake to strengthen your abdominal muscles and regulates your breathing form - training your body to properly take in deeper breaths and more oxygen.

Defeat Training Fatigue

The ability to intake more oxygen and breathe properly leads to improved body composition and supports a healthy circulatory system.

Gain Lean Muscle

Change resistance levels by using one of the 14 included air intake caps. As your endurance increases, change out the intake cap to reduce airflow and increase resistance. As your air intake decrease your body will build muscle strength while learning proper form for deeper breaths.


Athletes, Performers and Asthma-Sufferers

Whether you’re a serious athlete, singing opera, playing an instrument, scuba diving or just suffering from asthma, the O2 trainer will train your lungs and body to perform at high levels with less oxygen, and teach you how to maximize every breathe.

Any Exercise or Activity

Engineered to increase inhalation muscle endurance, stamina and overall performance, the O2 Trainer is lightweight and designed to be used while performing nearly any exercise or activity.


Breathe Better. Live Better.

The health benefits are vast including rapid fatigue recovery, heightened concentration and alertness, and calming effects for the entire nervous system.

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