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Richard Vasadi’s Training Routine with the O2 Trainer

December 08, 2018 1 min read

We have gotten a ton of reviews. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Some of them were so great that we decided to start a series. In the future we want to feature some great people who are O2 Trainer customers and enjoy working out to either stay healthy or train as professional athletes. One of our first people featured on our blog is Richard Vasadi. Here is his review and his training routine. Thanks Richard:

Richard on the left with Royce Gracie


“I consider the O2 trainer to be my most valuable piece of workout equipment. The O2 trainer comes with it’s own carrying case and cleaning wipes to get you started. My workout regimen consists of my morning workout and my evening Jiu Jitsu class. I only use the O2 trainer during my morning workouts. I switch up my morning workout every other day. One day will consist of: stretching, 90 push ups, and 200 crunches. The next day’s workout will be like this: stretching, 54 curls, 45 squats with weights, 36 shoulder raises, and 90 neck crunches. Every individual exercise is split into three sets. Typical workout time is 45 minutes. Overall, I feel greater lung capacity and am able to workout out longer and harder before feeling tired or winded. I would recommend the O2 trainer to anyone serious about staying in shape and keeping fit. To Bas Rutten: thank you for creating the O2 trainer”.