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Interesting Question From A Fan

December 08, 2018 2 min read

Gerard just recently asked a very interesting question on our testimonial page and we thought that it was so interesting that we want to share it you here as well:

Hi there, wonderful product.

My concern is the breathing in of monoxide. I was wondering if this apparatus has been ok’d by the FDA or comparable organization in the USA?

My answer:

Yes, you are rebreathing a little bit your own breath, but I made it on purpose this small so it’s almost nothing.

STILL, there are studies done right now that might show a “spark in red blood cell count” when “rebreathing” your own breath.

Many swimmers use their snorkels outside the pool for this, to tell you the truth I had this idea for the o2trainer since I was 14. I told all my friends about it. About 5 years ago Wanderlei Silva (An MMA fighter) was shown on TV training with a snorkel device while doing his “bag work”. I had 6 or 7 phone calls that night from all my friends who watched that show as well and said: “Bas, you have to start making the Ruttenizer (that was my original name, haha), because otherwise somebody else is going to come up with it”

And that’s where I started working on the patent.

I always thought that by using a snorkel device you rebreathe too much of your own breath and that’s why you see people passing out sometimes when doing this. I wanted to make this a safe product so I made it on purpose this small.

In other words, no need to worry, just use it as directed and only when your workout becomes “easy” again, and only then, you switch to just 1 harder setting. Don’t skip a setting, just go 1mm smaller every time till you are used to it because that means your inspiratory system (core, diaphragm and lungs) is stronger now and pulls the same amount of air through the 1mm smaller hole as it did before with the bigger hole.

Hope this makes sense