Funk Roberts Reviews the o2Trainer! -

Funk Roberts Reviews the o2Trainer!

December 08, 2018

Here are some excerpts from Funk Roberts’ YouTube video review of the o2 Trainer:

“Today I’m taking my workout up a notch using my brand new o2Trainer I got in the mail today, courtesy of El Guapo, Bas Rutten.  It’s a contraption with holes, breathable contraption I’ll use while working out.  Bas put it in a nice carrying case.  The apparatus has different sized holes.  Every week you are going to workout, you are going to be able to change holes each week smaller and smaller.  Starting out with the 14.  It’s made of rubber, easy to swap out holes.  Simple simple!  Its great because it’s much smaller than a training mask…and its so easy to change the breathing holes.  Makes it harder to breath during exercise, works the lungs harder…not just for MMA; its for trumpet, for singing…works the lungs, gets you in that much better condition.  There are a multitude of ways you can use it.”

“I did a workout with a client…I think I’m in great shape and condition already, but this thing really put me back in reality…thank you Bas, I love you.”

“Get it now!”
“Get it done!”

Funk Roberts: