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December 08, 2018 1 min read

I started doing my Bas Rutten MMA workout again.  For the people who don’t know this workout, Google it and see if you can find ONE complaint.  You won’t because everybody loves this workout.   Clearly, it’s different.  It’s an audio workout, with my voice calling out fast combinations. You name the Fighter (70-80 percent of them have used the workout since it beats jumping rope) and you’ll find that they and I actually do the warm up.

Unfortunately, because of my neck problems, I am not allowed to strike with my arms. This drove me nuts, so what I am doing now is “upper body rotations.” When I hear the command “4,” I rotate my upper body 4 times (VERY explosive), and I throw in the knees after the combinations with 10 lb. ankle weights.  This is all great for your core! I start with “cap number 4” on the o2trainer when I do this workout,.  After three rounds, I move up to “cap number 5,” “number 6, and the last round even “number 7.”  But I cheat sometimes and grab extra air by breathing in through my nose because it’s simply too hard right now. But you can see the difference between the exercises.  With the hill sprints, I use maximum “cap number 3.” With striking, I can do “number 6” without cheating.  It doesn’t matter what cap you use. When you feel that your lungs are working to get the air in, then it’s already working for you.

Have a great Sunday.