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Baby Steps With The O2 Trainer

December 08, 2018 3 min read

I have mentioned this now quiet a few times, but just want to make sure you really understand what I mean.
I had the question “Don’t you deprive yourself from oxygen when you use the o2trainer?”
And my answer to that one was: “No, not when you use it as directed”

Even in my Q&A section I say when they ask “How fast do I go down with the screen sizes?”:
It’s simple – when you can do your workout without “cheating” (getting extra air by opening your mouth around the mouthpiece) and it becomes relatively easy, that is when you are ready to make the switch to the next screen. If you are struggling to get through the workout, you are NOT ready to change screens. Easy does it, take your time and work towards your goal!

“Struggling” with the o2trainer is never good; your brain needs oxygen, especially when you are working out. That’s why (I wrote this before) nowadays not many athletes train at high altitude anymore, because their workouts become “less productive”. What they ARE doing now is: Training at “sea level”, and then they live in an “high attitude home” which is build at “sea level” and that will spark the red blood cell count”.

You also heard me always say that the o2trainer won’t mimic high altitude, it’s impossible to do that with a lung training device OR you have to use it 6-8 hours a day and re-breathe a little carbon dioxide, not much, and that might spark it. (They are testing this right now)

Start with the biggest hole on the o2trainer, the one that comes ON it. Let yourself get used to the o2trainer, you will feel that you are forcing yourself to breathe through the belly/core/diaphragm. This is the first great thing the o2trainer does for you: “It forces you to breathe the correct way”

Since your lungs still want the same air as they normally have they start to get stronger because that way they can pull the same amount of air through then the did without the o2trainer. Once the workout starts to feel normal again, like you did without the o2trainer before then it’s time for setting number 1, only one millimeter smaller. This way you are forcing your lungs again to work harder so they can get the same amount of air in again. And once you feel it becomes easier again, and only then, you go to “cap number 2”.

In tweets from me you heard me say many times, any cap works, even when it’s the “number 1 cap”, NEVER go up 2 or 3 screen sizes, the biggest word we wanna use here is “gradually”, meaning “baby steps”.

You will also find out that different workouts need different caps. Like I started training doing my Bas Rutten MMA audio workout and within 5 weeks I was at “screen number 6” and last round even “cap 7”. But when I do hill sprints on a treadmill then I use only screen number 3 and as soon as I feel I can’t get the air that I need anymore, I stop using it. Every week I can get more rounds with it and once I can do all my 20 rounds “nice and easy” again, only then I go to screen number 4.

Your lungs will become stronger and ventilate more air, which is proven by a test that Doctor Wyatt did from a Texas University, more about this, coming up very soon now.